Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Well, some hot springs in Thailand can be derided due to their lack of facilities, others are just too over-developed. One of those is Samkhampaeng hot springs, located in Chiang Mai province, actually not far from Chiang Mai city (45 minutes). Samkhampaeng is easy to find, just follow the touring buses. There's an enormous parking area after which a small entrance fee is paid (strange it is a national park). Then there are a dozen or so shops to wade past to one comes to the 'park' area. To your left are the bathing facilities, mostly brick / cement huts, though there is one big pool. For the use of all, extra fees are required.

As we visited on a Sunday, the park was simply too packed to be comfortable. The big pool, though big, is walled in and roofed in, so not much fun there. As we had experienced better facilities surroundings earlier on in our visit, we gave the bathing facilities a skip.

Besides the bathing facilities, it's also possible to make use of the 'foot' stream, a stream where everybody puts their feet in. As other attractions, this has been lined with cement.

Then, there is the geyser itself. To make the facilities more attractive to the Thai tourists, the water level is raised to make a pool of half a meter deep. In the middle the geyser itself which is actually artificial the water pumped and pushed up! And the pool, it is loaded with eggs, as boiling eggs is the thing to do.

Well, now you know what Disney would make of a hot springs if they ever opened up a shop in Thailand. Avoid the place especially in the weekends!

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  1. waw,,, very beautiful. good if used for family picnics


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