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Quite  a few items from the wackier side of soaking. What about theoriginalnomad who have now developed a collapsible hot tub, ideal for trekking into the forests and over mountains!

Other strange news: 
'Boise City’s Public Works Department and Boise State University are partnering to commission a public art project to celebrate the use of geothermal water on campus'. 
Follow this link to find out the three proposals.

Only in Australia. From the greynomads (Sept 2):
'A fisherman at Douglas Hot Springs south of Darwin believes he saw a 1.5-metre saltwater crocodile in the supposedly safe swimming area.
No saltwater crocodiles have previously been spotted at the hot springs, although one was seen eight kilometres downstream'.
If you are logged into Facebook go here for a photo of the foot spa on the Shinkasen train to Fukushima.

The use of drones is all the rage, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the use of drones in natural geothermal areas is now on the radar. It became all the more apparent when a drone crashed into Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring (CNN, Aug. 7). Drones are apparently forbidden in US national parks though it's doesn't seem clear to all users, especially since the ban was just announced in June. Possible problems:
'Park rangers have not determined if the drone damaged the spring and if it's necessary to recover it'.
Finally less pleasant news. The Costa Rica News has an article (August 26) on whether or not their nation's hot springs are safe:
'Floating on your back or dipping the your head underwater are common actions when enjoying a natural hot spring. However, experts now recommend not submerging your face or head in order to prevent infections that can enter these more vulnerable cavities.
This recommendation stems from the case of Jordan Cole Smelski, an American 11 year-old boy, who died in July in Orlando, Florida, due to an infection resulting from the amoeba Naegleria fowleri. The deceased boy was on vacation in Costa Rica, where he visited the hot springs in the Northern Zone and began to feel sick afterwards and never recovered.
So in conclusion, yes, Costa Rica’s hot springs are safe.  But it’s safer to keep your head above the water'. 
More info on this from the Ticotimes (August 19).

Hot in here
There's really not too much reports/news coming from Southeast Asia itself.
  • Indonesia

'Not far from the magnificent Kawah Ijen (Mount Ijen) lies Kalianyar Village, Sempol. Like many villages that you may find in Indonesia, this one is unique because of it's hot springs area that it has. Amazing to have a soak in once you're done with your hike up to Mt. Ijen. Nothing like hot spring water to soothe those aching muscles. Thanks to Mr. Slamet, he brought us to a hidden charm if you walk in toward the village'. 
Link to this video from East Java.

Indonesia has passed new legislation meaning less environmental regulation for geothermal projects (MSN, Aug. 26). Oddly enough is this piece of news (Jakarta Post, Sep. 1):
'Rida Mulyana, director general of renewable energy at the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, said that local administrations would receive more money from the development of their geothermal resources even if they will no longer decide the issuance of exploration and exploitation rights to investors'.
Thinkgeoenergy (Sep. 10) notices that more larger scale projects are in the pipeline. 

'Baden in Schwefelquellen'.
Hot springs at the foot of  Sibayak mountain, Semangat Gunung, north Sumatra. By Katharina V
  • Laos
A flickr album on Viengthong, Houaphanh, Lao PDR.
  • Malaysia
One of Asia's most upscale natural hot springs (the Banjaran, Malaysia) has a new management team. so announces Thai Travel Review Weekly (Aug. 14).

A Japanese website which highlights no more than 18 Malaysian hot springs! With translate a very interesting summation of what's on offer.
  • Philippines

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  • Thailand
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  • Timor Leste
'Day trip to the hot springs in Marobo! #marobo #timor #timorleste #hotsprings #boiling #hot #pool #mountains #view #bathtime'
  • Vietnam
While Indonesia may have opened up to more investment in geothermal power with it's new laws being passed, Vietnam's potential is still to be developed as it fails on the legislative side. Thinkgeoenergy (Sept. 4):
'Another relevant hurdle the country has to address is the lack of specific legislation regarding geothermal exploration and feed-in tariffs, which makes the process of moving forward more uncertain yet, according to the article, the main regulatory framework for renewable energy seems to also cover geothermal'.

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