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A short and sharp version of the usual blog. Mostly photo's. And much dedicated to increased freedoms noticed from Taiwan. Such as above.
But first the few other bits (photo's only) from elsewhere in Southeast Asia. A beautiful sun downer from Pai (Chiang Mai, Thailand).

Reminiscing on the sweet and simple sunsets spent in SE Asia 🌴 #solotravel #girlswhotravel #travelgram #growthmindset #thailand #backpacking
A recent find, sexandsingaporecity has a feature on Alba hot springs in Vietnam (yeah, yeah, i know):
'Alba Wellness Valley, by Fusion, offers guests next level in wellness and health retreats, because of its natural hot springs. Running throughout the resort, these hot springs are available to guests whatever time of the day. Even if you decide you want a midnight dip, they’re there. A true highlight of your stay, the mineral water sits at around 43 degrees constantly – and is actually cooled to this hot temperature by the resort, because it comes out of the ground at over 60 degrees Celsius.
For the pampering aspect of my package, aside from frequenting the hot springs in the evening, every day I got to enjoy the Japanese onsen, followed by a treatment of my choice. Having never entered an onsen before, I was initially a little, shall we say, nervous about being naked in a public bath area, but you soon lose that once you’re enjoying the 7-step baths, looking out onto greenery via the large glass wall. The onsens are separated for genders, I might add'. 

And below from the interiors of northern Sumatra's jungle:

Chilling with the orangutans in the jungle!! #indonesia #ketambe #friendshipguesthouseketambe #jungletrekkingketambe #sumatra #orangutans #hotsprings
Wrinkly hands! #hotspring#hotsprings#wild#natural #taiwan#taipei#china#nudeart#nakedart #bodyart#nudephotography#nakedphotography#elevate #celebrate#liberate#unleash#yourbody #art#beauty#expression#nature#nakedisnormal #naturallynaked#loveyourskin #bodyacceptance#bodypositivity#bodyfreedom #freeyourmind#freeyourbody #freeyourspirit
Then over to Taiwan, as in above.
S'pavelous a new sort of travel company, Korean?

'While we understand how marvelous a relaxing hot spring sounds for a trip, the destinations are normally hard to reach. Well, worry no more, we are here to take care of bookings and transportation. Just simply focus on pampering yourself with the creme de la creme of spa'.
It has two tours on offer in Taiwan and on it's instagram we notice this:

Plan your 2020 trip now✈️ .#2 Must-do in Taiwan- Soaking in hot springSpots to visit in Taipei:WulaiBeitouYangmin MountainEnjoy a relaxing hot spring experience with ne message away. DM us for more info!#taiwan #travelphotography #spainasia #thermalbath #wellness #hotspring #台湾 #台湾旅行 #溫泉 #찜질방 #온천 #여행 #여행스타그램 
Following just a couple more soakers from Taiwan:
下七股野溪溫泉#溫泉 #hotsprings #twig #newtaipeicity #野溪溫泉 #nature
Se prélasser dans la chaleur suffocante des onsen 🏮🌡️Expérience à tenter qui rend la peau douce et permet de progresser dans l'acceptation de son corps 😘....#taiwan #onsen #beitou #roadtrip #sourcesthermales #hotsprings #chaleur #hot #bodypositive

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Late night hot spring action by the river. Wine and Baileys was had 🍷 Lucas (bro) looking good 💪
I would like to start this blog entry with highlighting the following: that of soaking secrets.
Especially on social media, I've seen a lot of "ssst, don't tell anyone where we are". But nonetheless, let's share the photo.
On the one hand, keeping something secret increases it's sacredness, on the other ultimately in a social world, if you believe that the soak setting is being sacked, the only real answer is social organisation. But that seems to entail a rash with many fellow soakers. Too many of us are only interested in what nature has on offer to us rather than the other way round.

Seriously! And leave the fucking glass bottles at home. This is why we can’t have nice things. #falsesummit #hotsprings #stopgeotagginghiddenlocations
In the Southeastern Asia context, there's an additional threat. 
As public ownership is very poorly protected, any (pristine / primitive / undeveloped) hot springs gaining popularity is bound to be ensnared by private interests. 
Privatising cuts local use, cuts social organisation / cohesion and often leaves the locals themselves as bit players in the profit seekers set-up; where the wealth created is transferred to the local capitals.

And what is the role of this blog itself? 
I like to say that opposing developing hot springs is not highlighted enough. What is highlighted is often the beauty of the dwindling number of natural soaks. But with the (global) population ever increasing, spending and free time becoming more and more readily available (= good thing), the plight of many natural soaks is to be developed; the question is often only when?

Luckily as above in Taiwan, there might still be locations in Southeast Asia, rugged and rough and still far away from roads which might survive. Let's hope more soaks can hold out for longer.

Ironically the next subject concerns developing more and private soaking facilities.
ThinkGeoenergy (Oct. 7) highlights a recent report on the state of Victoria (Australia) and it's potential to encourage more investment in soaking.
'The report called “The Great Victorian Bathing Trail” can be downloaded here (pdf).
The report might as well be a blueprint for hot spring development beyond the state of Victoria in Australia'.
I similarly agree, it's an excellent report, showing how experiencing hot spring baths elsewhere on this globe can be copied and enhanced in creating more soaking opportunities in Victoria itself. But such is the inspiration from the report that using it for soaking developments elsewhere is a must.
Note that the developments in Victoria concern pumping-up geothermal water, as there are no naturally occurring soaks there. 

Some wackier news, all from Japan.
The Japan Today (Nov. 4):
'Although famous throughout the country for their baths, Beppu still feels that more people ought to be visiting. However, the dilemma is that people can’t truly see how good the baths are without first actually going there. So they developed a way to instead bring the bath to the people. These Genso no Yu or “Visionary Baths” are inflatable, easy to transport anywhere in the country, and can fit four to five adults in each of the two 450-liter baths. Of course, they use 100 percent Beppu sourced water, transported in specially-designed heated tankers to keep it at a piping 40 to 42 degrees'.

Great for a winter garden party? Can't see it taking off myself, but who knows?

The Nextshark (Aug. 7) notes some controversy:
A temple in Niigata Prefecture, Japan is causing quite the stir for its decision to use erotic art depicting historical and mythical men bathing together while in the nude.

More odd initiatives from Beppu. The Asashi Shibun (Oct. 18) kicks off with an article on ordering hot spring water, undiluted (it's quite common to order hot spring minerals to dissolve on location):
'Beppu city-affiliated B-biz Link started a service to deliver spa water from the municipality famous for its numerous hot springs to households and facilities across Japan.
Under the Beppu Onsen Omiya initiative, the company sends anywhere from 200 liters to 4,000 liters of hot water. A household bathtub typically requires 200 to 300 liters of water'.
Costs though seem prohibitive.

Vietnam’s hidden treasure! 💎 #banho #sapa #laocai #vietnam #nature #hotsprings #travel #wander #explore #turisteando
Heading into the region proper.
Worldthermalsprings, according to it's instagram account, is currently in Vietnam, notably Krong Pha hot spring, Thap Ba and Binh Chau.
The instagram account is actually of better known, this is their page on Vietnam. 
They link to where I found this comment from the thermalsprings backers:
'Your site is excellent, but I hoped that I could easily find on the map all the hot springs mentioned here, but I found about 30%. I’ll fly to Nha Trang tomorrow and travel to the hot springs. If you have the opportunity to urgently send me the coordinates of all these sources, I will be very grateful. I created the site "thermal springs of the world" and travel everywhere to hot springs. This is my hobby. Finishing all my trips at my expense. And the information is available to everyone. On November 9, I plan to visit 3 hot complexes near Nha Trang, and there is no plan further. Your map shows 3 sources to the NW from Hanoi, but there are simply no two pages. Really looking forward to help'. 
No answer forthcoming?
Life on the soaking search road looks like this:
'Traveling to the thermal springs of Vietnam: it is difficult to travel to Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, almost no English is spoken, only spa representatives from the marketing department can speak. In hotels at the reception and ticket offices (if any) knowledge of English is minimal. So it’s impossible to plan something in advance. You go out onto the track knowing that there will be buses. Everything else is unknown. The third day of the trip, November 11, reached the main highway at 5:15, caught slipping bass, then two local buses and a motorbike to the Bin Chau resort. Another motobike and bus transfer to Mui Ne and a visit to the Mui Ne Hot Spring Center resort. I take a local bus to Fantieja, a neighboring city, walk to the highway and, after eating wonderful noodle soup, start catching a long-distance bus. They write on the Internet that they go twice a day. In fact, they drove here every 2 minutes. After 20 minutes the bus stopped, in which there were places. Agreed on a price, knowing the price from the Internet for this distance. She took her berth. Very comfortable to sleep. The blanket is thin, so you can hide with your head so that the light along the road does not interfere. At 18:45, the bus ride started and at 4:00 the next day ended. I drove 622 km during the night. At this time, motorbikes do not interfere with the bus and it flies at an average speed of 75 km / h. I had to skip one source, since I would have arrived there at one in the morning. To be continued'.
Somewhere in northern Vietnam. In better (= less developed) times? source

itourvn (Oct. 30) has a list of best of soaks to visit in Vietnam. These being Kim Boi (Hoa Binh) , Bang (Quang Binh), Dam Rong (Lamdong), Bin Chau (Vungtau) and I-Resort (Nha Trang). Mostly (very) developed.

Marobo Natural Hot Springs with this special little forest nymph. Oh the people you meet ☺️ so grateful to meet and travel with you @ishtar.raven 🌞🦋🌻✨🌱
Thailand's Nation reports (Oct. 16) on sustainable tourism initiatives from concerned business on Phuket:
'Sustainability has become the key word to their survival in the face of mass tourism for many in the tourist and hospitality industry, including Phuket’s myriad of hotels and resorts. Thus, the Phuket Hotels for Island Sustaining Tourism (PHIST) forum was born.
While the issue of plastic usage dominated the forum, other topics relating to sustainability were also discussed.
Eric Ricaurte, founder of Singapore-based sustainability firm Greenview, outlined three main issues in mass tourism; displaced tourists, overcrowding and the backlash from the impacts caused by tourists
“First is tourists entering neighborhoods where they shouldn’t be, in residential neighborhoods and residential buildings. I’m a resident and we have too many AirBnB places in my building, and that also drives up rent,” Ricaurte said.
“Second, [there are] too many tourists. You see this in Phuket, Japan and Korea. The third is the backlash from the impacts caused. This is what we saw in Boracay, too many tourists in small destinations without the resident’s input.”
According to Ricaurte, the issues can come down to a single problem, in that “destination stakeholders not realizing the broader impacts of the individual activities of the business and private sector and the public sector”.
Though not solely hot spring related, it does inform you more on how tourism development is taking place and how to try to counter the negatives; a good initiative, if slightly belated.

Pai Hot Springs
Mae Hong Son province by Clairemrphy

Back to Taiwan. The Taiwan News (Nov. 10) reports on a local festival:
'Hot spring season has kicked off at Sichongxi Hot Springs Park in Pingtung County's Checheng Township and will last from now until Feb. 9, 2020.
The Pingtung County Government, which organized the event, has decorated Sichongxi Hot Springs Park with red maple leaves and maple leaf-shaped lights, CNA reported on Saturday. Pingtung County Commissioner Pan Men-an (潘孟安) said that the park boasts a Japanese atmosphere, with popular traditional Japanese ballads being played on the PA system'.
Not on the festival menu:

I’ve officially spent 31 years on this beautiful planet. No profound insights this year…just an intention to spend the next one skinny dipping in all the waters as much as possible 🥰
Happiest day to all my birthday twins out there!! 👯‍♀️
marianarittenhouse#taiwan#tarokogorge #nationalpark#skinnydipping #river #nature#motherearth #birthday#naturelovers #swimming
Travel and Leisure (Nov. 13) reports on an onsen in Taiwan: 
'Nothing but a tiny cotton towel protects my modesty at the steaming pool I’m about to enter. I may be in Taiwan, where hot-spring outings are usually swimwear-friendly family affairs, but here in the baths of Hoshinoya Guguan, tradition dictates I onsen the Japanese way: in my birthday suit.  
My initial awkwardness melts away the moment I submerge into the cypress-fringed outdoor bath. Fed by streams flowing down the craggy peak of Xueshan, East Asia’s second-highest mountain, its water is slightly alkaline and on the pleasant side of piping hot, making it the perfect introductory onsen for a novice like me.  
Opened in June, Hoshinoya Guguan (; doubles from NT$7,560) is the luxury resort chain’s first foray into Taiwan, and only its second resort outside of Japan, where founder Kuniji Hoshino opened his first ryokan in Nagano Prefecture in 1914. Its setting on a forested plateau in Guguan, a tiny hot-spring enclave in the island’s mountainous heartland 90 minutes west of Taichung, taps directly into the liquid treasure.
The focal point is an indoor-outdoor stone bath endlessly fed by Xueshan’s hot springs, and refreshed by a forest breeze'.
Over to Singapore.
The poorly developed hot spring of Sembawang is getting a face lift. Importantly, access will still be free. Question mark.
Yahoo news sg (Sep. 2):
'The only natural hot spring on Singapore’s mainland has been closed for redevelopment works since August 2018, but we’ve only got a few months to go before the place reopens with a fresh new look.
Sembawang Hot Spring Park’s actual construction will be completed in October, but seeing as how it’ll take a couple months to finish paving the roads leading to the park, it’ll only officially open in January 2020, the National Parks Board (NParks) told The Straits Times last Friday'. (Aug. 31) adds a photo of how the soak might pan out (minus the soaking spirits I suppose (?)):

From the Philippines the obligatory lists. Here a couple of references. 
Taraletsanywhere (Oct. 15) gets to Laguna for some soaking:
'The province of Laguna is blessed to have natural hot springs. The water from these springs flows down from Mount Makiling, which is an inactive volcanic. Over the years, more and more hot spring resorts have opened up, catering to people who want to relax, unwind and soothe their tired muscles. Here are the best hot spring resorts in Laguna — for your family or barkada outing, team building or personal vacation'.
Viatravelers (Sep. 6) stays closer to the nation's capital:
'If you’re sapped of inspiration and just need a break, here are 8 hot springs in Manila to spur your relaxation. This list includes a lot of hot spring resorts from Laguna, a city dubbed the “Resort Capital of the Philippines”, and a select few from other cities near Manila'.
sheenamiyay at Balite Hot Spring, Baganga
wala akong tasa at kape😄🥵☕️
Xinhua (Sep.1) comes with what might be peculiar info, hot-spring related. But it's ultimately very tragic:
'A private plane with six passengers, including a patient and two pilots on board crashed into a private pool resort in Laguna province south of Manila on Sunday afternoon, police said.
Police said the injured victims and casualties will be determined as the investigation continues.
Police said two caretakers of the resort inside a subdivision in Pansol, a village in Calamba City, were injured in the accident that happened around 3 p.m. local time. They were rushed to a local hospital for treatment, police said.
Pansol is famous for private hot spring resorts.
trtworld (Sep. 1) adds:
'All nine people on board a small medical evacuation plane were killed on Sunday when the aircraft crashed into a resort area south of the Philippine capital and exploded in flames, officials said.
The light plane crashed into a resort compound in Pansol village in Laguna province near the foothills of Mount Makiling'.
Malaysia then.
The Star (Jun. 6) looks at the popular Poring hot spring:
'Visitors to Sabah are often in search of beautiful beaches and islands such as Sipadan, Mabul and Mataking, where you can go swimming, diving or snorkelling. There are also those who seek out adventurous activities like climbing Mount Kinabalu.
And then there is the Poring Hot Spring'.
Hot pool hopping 🤣 #banjaranhotsprings #retreat #hotpool #travel #hotsprings #trip #airbnb #pool
Hypeandstuff (Sep. 13) mentions the trend of Japanese onsen soaking outside of Japan has reached Malaysia:
'Being able to relax and recuperate in a Japanese hot spring bath, onsen, seems like one of the best ways to unwind after a hectic day. This traditional Japanese hot spring bath is now available in Kuala Lumpur as the first onsen spa in Malaysia, just a few hours away from Singapore. Way cheaper than flying to Japan.
Urban Retreat Onsen Spa is the first of its kind in Malaysia to offer this authentic onsen service
Using mineral-rich crystalline powders extracted directly from Japan’s renowned onsen springs, you will be energized with the elements from this famed Japanese tradition. You even get to choose your very own onsen mineral for your bath. Thereafter, get to relax in your own cosy personal onsen hot tub that is traditionally enjoyed in Japanese homes, unlike the public baths'.
Tripadvisor reviewers rave about the place, but I read only reviews of the massages.

Sun Daily (Sep. 6) reports on upgrading taking place in Gadek:
'Gadek Hot Spring will be given a RM17 million makeover and named Gadek Wellness and Spa Resort, Malacca Chief Minister, Adly Zahari, told reporters today.
It is expected to be ready in early 2021 and will come with a 25-room hotel, chalets with a private hot spring pool, traditional treatment room and more.
“The rebranding and uniqueness of this place will turn it into an iconic tourist spot for Alor Gajah, while offering job and business opportunities in Gadek'.
Sangat asik mandi air panas alami (belerang), sambil menikmati sejuknya udara pagi hari di Sidebu-debu, BERASTAGIKonon menurut mitos mandi di air belerang ini bisa menyembuhkan segala macam penyakit loh guyss...Lokasi: Hot spring pesona Sibayak view Pemandian air panas sidebu debu, BerastagiRepost: adventurewith_ashley.#sidebudebu #hotspring #sibayak #travel #traveler #travellingsumut #exploresumut #berastagi #exploreindonesia #wonderfulindonesia
Several issues on Indonesian soaking.
Starting off with Java and this unexpected news. The Jakarta Post (Oct. 3):
'A rare jaladwara (waterway segment) made of stone that resembles a Garuda and believed to date back to before the Majapahit era was found during an excavation of the ancient petirtaan (hot spring) in Sumberbeji village, Ngoro district, Jombang regency, East Java'.
It's a bit unclear whether it is really a hot spring; the  term petirtaan refers to a bath, mostly for nobility (source), though with a spring.  A jaladwara is a spout.
Majapahit refers to an era of more than 500 years ago when the eastern part of Java was the center of a in size differing Hindu (-Bhudist?) empire which in it's heyday ruled much of the Southeast Asian archipelago's (source).

More from Java. Indonesia.tripcanvas (Oct. 25):
'Here’s an overview of our guide to hot springs around Bandung and Garut area (tap to scroll to the relevant section)':
All presented as resorts, nothing natural.
Then Bali. Traveltriangle (Jul. 26) with another list:
'Hot springs are very calming to the body and the soul. Check out our list of the best hot springs in Bali which will be a relaxing getaway on your next trip to Bali'.
Amazingly, all but a few of the presented photo's are of the incorrect location. Disregard this article.

The (Aug. 19) looks at the broader implications of the tourist industry on the island:
'Badly behaved visitors to Bali will be sent home or face "purification rituals" for disrespecting sacred sites, officials said yesterday.
The warning came after a Czech couple filmed themselves splashing each other with holy water at a temple on the Indonesian holiday island'.
Apparently without underwear. They apologized, so all is forgiven. 
It's a prelude to the next snippet, sacredness. ThinkGeoenergy (Sep. 20) reports on a Bahasa article in which is mentioned that the Balinese local government will not approve geothermal power systems: 
'... the regional governor Wayan Koster has confirmed that the geothermal power plant project in Bedugul, Tabanan, will be stopped. Koster claimed to have spoken with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ignasius Jonan.
“In addition, related to sensitive issues related to geothermal steam power plants in Bedugul. The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources was willing to continue, I ask him not to continue,” said Koster in his one-year remarks at an event in Bali earlier this month.
The concerns mention continue to center around the sacredness of the project site'.
ThinkGeoenergy comments:
'This continues the endless story about this project, which is not quite understandable for outsiders. With the economic growth of Bali, mostly through tourism, the energy demand has increased and makes the power supply by cable from Java a factor of increasing instability for Bali. Burning palm oil essentially also creates challenges, not only in the constant supply of the oil, but also emissions that would surely be an issue for the experience of Bali for tourists and the local population. Geothermal energy provides a great opportunity tapping local resources for power generation, and a clean one. Naturally, the religious implications and approach to stakeholder engagement locally is important, but it is sad to see that no consensus can be found on this project'.
ThinkGeoenergy has a report (Nov. 8) on a recent IBRD / World Bank publication titled Rapid Environmental and Social Assessment of Geothermal Development in Conservation Forest Areas in Indonesia.
'Most geothermal potential in Indonesia is in or close to forest areas. This has raised societal concerns about environmental and social impacts, especially in forests that play an important role in supplying fresh water, harbour endangered wildlife, or have high cultural or religious values. Environmental and social impacts and risks associated with geothermal power development are complex and significant and the degree to which these risks and impacts vary between geothermal power projects is not well understood.
The key finding is that project access roads are the major cause of social and environmental risks and impacts associated with geothermal power development in forest areas.
To get about 10 km of project access roads, 30 hectares of forest clearing is needed, while about 10 km2 of forest is indirectly impacted through the effects of road-facilitated hunting, illegal logging, use of fire, and other detrimental activities'.
Finally to Burma. Instagrammer hide_onsen_packer has two posts on hot spring visits in Myanmar: Khaung Daing Natural Hot Spring and Taunggyi:

hide_onsen_packer (google translated):
Inle Lake near Hot Springs Tour ♨️④
② Birisshu hot spring 
bathing charge 500 chat
open-air bath man 3 F 2, there is a water storage tank for bathing 
there was a heat Me and lukewarm There, Netsume local people have not entered
in about 38 ℃ and 46 ℃ Japanese would be a good Me heat 
put cleaning is a feeling that is not in good condition but without Well problem 
where is the source putamen not seems to have been caught a hot spring 
there was also the way private bath not in a state to put have crazy dirty
now are using instead dressing room 
good shopkeeper is a friendly person! English is not ... through
COSPA nice open-air bath 👍 
Directions 💨
entering the village to mark the red sign from Taunggyi
go straight green sign, there is the entrance you see a blue sign on the left

Thursday, 11 July 2019


zachifox at Muang La (Laos):
#hotsprings #laos #healthy#fun #nature #healing
Depressing little to report on. Maybe not the right words. But I believe that though there's more and more on our internet, there's less and less of substance.

Anyway, ever heard of World bathing Day (June 22)? 
Apparently in existence since last year, it managed to gain much more coverage this time round.
'The day will draw attention to our connection with the environment and the state of the world’s water in which we all bathe, as well as drawing awareness to the plight of people for whom bathing is not yet an option and rallying actions to create a world where bathing is possible for all. Whether you run a business within the hot springs tourism and bathing industry or just love bathing, there’s many ways for you to get involved'.
The Global Wellness Institute chimes in and released a press relaese (Jun. 13):
'The Global Wellness Institute™ (GWI), a nonprofit research and educational resource for the global wellness industry, today released the top five trends in hot springs as identified by the GWI’s Hot Springs Initiative. The new forecast draws attention to World Bathing Day, a celebration of all the world’s water in which we bathe and a rallying cry to create a world where bathing is possible for all'.
The five:
'Multigenerational Features—and Accessibility—Make Hot Springs a Destination for All
Hot Springs Take Lead in Connecting Community
More Wellness Programming Increases Appeal and Revenues
Hot Springs Maximize Connection to Nature and Environment
Extreme Bathing = Extreme Wellness
Though picked up more than last year, World Bathing Day seems to have bypassed Southeast Asia without a ripple. (Indonesia):
Hot springs smelling like rotten eggs 💦 #sulphursprings#sumatra #berastagi #earlymorningdip#hotsprings #summer
The Guardian (Jun. 8) delves into the world of forest bathing.
'“Forest bathing is an opportunity for people to take time out, slow down and connect with nature. We think it could be part of the mix of activities for social prescription,” Stuart Dainton of the Woodland Trust told the Observer. “Evidence about its benefits is building.”
Gary Evans, who set up the Forest Bathing Institute in the UK last year, said: “People initially think they’ve been doing this all their lives: going for a walk in the woods. But it might be a brisk walk, or you might be worrying about where the dog has got to.
“A better way to frame forest bathing is mindful time spent under the canopy of trees for health and wellbeing purposes.”
A typical session might last three hours, and begin with an explanation of the history and science of shinrin-yoku. “Then it’s about sensory exercises,” said Evans. “We try to hold people’s attention in the present moment, to give their bodies and minds a chance to slow down. We move very slowly, touching the trees, looking at colours and patterns, and breathing deeply. We end up lying down under trees and looking up through the branches.”
janryroldan at Sibol hot spring, Luzon (Philippines):
There is a courtesy of the heart; it is allied to love. From its springs the purest coutesy in the outward behavior... #hotsprings #sibol#naturelover #nature #natural #enjoylife#enjoyyourlife #aftervote #swim
Better sweat
The Nikkei Asian Review (Apr. 21) looks at Japanese style bathing catching on in the region. Or not?
'Japanese-style hot springs or onsen are bubbling up across East and Southeast Asia as Japanese companies and others tout the wonders of a good soak.
The growing popularity of communal bathing is due in part to the growing number of people who have become familiar with Japan's furo (bath) culture after visiting the country.
According to the Global Wellness Institute, which conducts health-related research, the global hot spring market was worth $56 billion in 2017, up about 10% from 2013. That includes spending on accommodation, food and drink, and the like.
Asia, especially China, is driving growth in the market, which the institute expects to expand by nearly 40% to $77 billion by 2022. The Asia-Pacific region accounts for just over half that total. Competition is heating up among bathhouse operators in the region as local governments look to attract bathers.
Hotels featuring hot springs or large communal baths are said to have more guests in winter as temperatures drop [Taiwan]. But operators have also emerged in Southeast Asia despite the warm climate.
Siam Wellness Group, a listed Thai company that runs spas in Thailand, Cambodia and elsewhere, opened a hot spring facility with a bedrock bath and a tatami-mat lounge in Bangkok in 2016. In Singapore, a Japanese company opened Yunomori Onsen and Spa in 2016.
"Even in hot countries, people can sweat in a bath and feel better. It is popular, especially among the wealthy," said Tomonori Maruyama, a Japanese spa researcher'.
wansyueann on Taiwan:
最後一張了吶恥度最開一系列 就到這兒結束 呀呼從去年10月開始 就開始一連串的戶外運動這些上山下海沒有輔助沒有自以為練夠了就休息洗澡回家要適應各種天氣要撐到目的地為止於是幾乎每一天身上總有幾處淤青 總有傷 總是肌肉痠痛但我為此感到心滿意足因為又有新的戰績身材又將逼近我所期望所以借我炫耀一下吧 哈哈哈 — 📷 一男友兼攝影師兒 @kanonlong💕#taiwan#taiwantravel#taoyuan#桃園#嘎拉賀#hotsprings#hotspring#water#hotspringsphotography#hotspringsparadise#waterfall#amazing#waterfallphotography#waterfallsfordays#waterfallselfie#girl#nature#nature_photo#naturephotography#naturelovers#naturediversity#awesome#naturelife#naturephotographer#natureloversgallery#beauty#wansdaywanslife
Over to Vietnam. And Japanese style bathing complexes. (May 14) announces:
'Le Huu Minh, director of Thua Thien-Hue Province Department of Tourism, and Hoang Viet Trung, deputy head of the provincial Department of Planning and Investment attended the Kawara-My An Onsen Resort project signing.
The USD25.7m project started last September. My An Tourism Company worked on construction with management by the Kawara Resort. The signing ceremony was held on May 13'.
So basically nothing has happened? The prospective website isn't clear either.

Following, a lesser developed soaking opportunity from northern Vietnam:
And then Whatsnewindonesia (Mar. 25) has a national natural hot springs Top 10:
'The many volcanic mountain ranges that are scattered throughout Indonesia are a natural source of hot springs. The existence of these springs is then transformed into tourist attractions. Here is the list of places where you can have a relaxing bath in a hot spring surrounded by lush nature'.
asrikarang at Angseri (Bali):
"Orang yg tahu cara besyukur adalah orang yg bisa menikmati keindahan dunia dan tau arti dari kebahagiaan hidup". Keindahan dunia satu ini terletak di Desa Angseri, Tabanan yg disebut Wisata Air Panas Angseri.Wisata ini memiliki keunikan tersendiri dari pemandian air panas alami di Bali yang lain. Keunikan dari kolam air panas Angseri, terlihat sangat jelas pada desain kebun yang tertata rapi dengan tanaman pohon kelapa, pohon pakis dan tatanan rumput hijau. Pemandangan areal sawah juga terlihat dari kolam air panas Angseri. ❤Kamu bisa relax seperti aku ini sambil nikmati air terjun yg telah disediakan, tapi kalau kamu mau privasi terjaga dan ga banyak orang kamu bisa berendam di dalam bilik yg muat utk 3-5 orang. Belum ada acara kemana kali ini? Langsung aja angetin badan sambil melepas kepenatan 1 minggu yg telah berakhir kemarin 😍 Enjoy ur life guys 📷AS #indonesia #bali #indonesiaparadise#sinijalan2 #maimelali #travellingBali#balibagus #jalankebali #melalikebali#Tourbali #baliholiday #ayodolanan#explorebali #balitrip #infotabanan#airpanas #wisataairpanas #melali#weekend #trip #couple'strip #couple#travel #travelling #world #dreamer#dream #45 #AS #balitravel#ilovetravelling

Wednesday, 10 April 2019


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Not much to focus on, this time round. So what follows is here and there some text and quite a few photo's. To enjoy.
The lead photo, from the less developed hot spring, near Yangbay waterfall, central Vietnam.

Some general developments to report on. 
A special site for buying hot spring properties: Hot Springs for Sale. With US listings and a couple from Costa Rica. Cheapest offer (US$500k): 
Approximately 5 acres located close to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort with hot springs pools, spa, restaurant, bar and pavilion for public use. Over 400 feet of frontage on year round Chalk Creek in the Colorado mountains. Hot water well has been drilled.
Not for sale (as far as I know), just one of Pangururan's many hot spring resorts, north Sumatra, Indonesia: 

Посетили сегодня, горячие серные источники, Анечка в восторге.
Вода очень горячая, но не сварились.
Купались, естественно годышом.
Хэштэг хороший подобрал к этому видео - #горячиетуры
А ещё там же можно попробовать самый фантастический гамбургер, который можно встретить по свету, если будете, то обязательно закажите именно его в кафе при источнике!
Видео про горячие источники на Северной Суматре можно будет увидет на нашем канале -
Создал группу с подробными ответами на любые вопросы касающиеся поездки на озеро Тоба, например, как добраться и нереально фантастически дешевые цены на всё. #счастье#горячийисточник#жизнь#сандуны#озеротоба#сочи#крым#севастополь
Moving on. 
Coco.icotto mentions on instagram (Feb. 24) that another Japanese business closing: Yu Nishikawa Onsen. Translated:
'seems that there is also it. Reduces the local user, those who manage also becoming advanced age, it seems can not be maintained 😭 addition to that, customers of manners It seems bad 👎 from the outside
because you get the hot water, if there is a feeling of gratitude, such It may not be a thing'.
The original posting:

Also, one traditional very good public onsen will go out of business💧
いつかは行きたいと思っていた “湯西川共同浴場 薬師の湯”
#温泉巡り #湯西川温泉 #混浴温泉 #共同浴場 #おんせんきょ #onsen#hotspring #konyoku #mixedbathing#japanonsen #traveljapan2019#japantravel
A recent phenomena? Soaking au naturel on Taiwan? Some photo's of proof:



能夠在野溪裸泡 真的是人生夢寐以求啊 是吧是吧
吃完火鍋 吃飽喝足後
眼看四下無人 兩人就光著屁屁
嚕到屁股 差點痛到噴淚
不過太冷了 還是馬上爬向溫泉
試一下水溫 然後 噗通跳進去
啊~~ 真的是 開薰😄😄😄😄😄😍


📷 一定還是男友兼攝影師限定的

#Hotsprings#naked#nature#men#women the #freedom of #taiwan#mytrips
A visit to Yunomori onsen. A Japanese like experience of hot springs, but not natural. As experienced by Singaporeans (Sengkangbabies). And we are in Singapore:
'Everything about Yunomori Onsen and Spa was a novelty for my family:

-Being stark naked with 30 others

-For females, disposable panties and bra are available-Kids felt weird sitting on stool and scrubbing ourselves clean? But I like the repeated process of scrub rinse and scrub again

-Dipping from pool to pool, different water and temperature (always start from the least hot)

-Told them beforehand that we should not spend more than 15 minutes in pool, let the body cool down before soaking in another pool-First timers can read up about Onsen etiquette on Yunomori website
I was just curious whether there is a difference to the Onsen experience between tropical Singapore and cool Japan'.
Stark naked, but only (as far as we know). Noted as Blidit hot spring on Flores, Indonesia: 

Another naked photo #sorryguys#nature #naturebath #hotsprings#coldsprings#airpanasblidit#thatsthebintang
Heading in to the focused region. Starting off with Thailand.

He said, “don’t you feel lonely living in your own little world?”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
She whispered, “Don’t you feel powerless living in someone else’s world?”

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Jonnymelon (Jan. 12) on what to expect at Sai Ngam hot spring, Pai, Mae Hong Son province in the north of Thailand:
'The Sai Ngam Hot Spring is a 3-tiered cascading natural hot pool, the top one being the hottest at 34-degrees Celsius. I could have spent hours floating around in this crystal clear hot spring. The water temperature was just perfect! If you have an underwater camera, you’re going to want to put it to use. I don’t think I have ever seen a freshwater spring as transparent as the Sai Ngam Hot Spring.
There is a timber seating area off to the side of the springs to hang out and change rooms/toilets are located at the gate entrance. Also, if you want to buy some snacks and drinks there are some small stall vendors that line the street near the carpark'.
Over to Indonesia
Whatsnewindonesia (Mar. 25) has 10 natural hot springs in Indonesia in the offering. Very much a best of.

We found hot spring perfection in the jungle. #hotsprings#sumatra #holibags #worldnomads
Indonesia Tripcanvas (Mar. 17) takes a bolder step: 11 hot springs around Bandung. Nice resorts no doubt, but little nature. 
On Bali the same source (Mar. 15) counts to 5, much more natural here. Such as Belulang:

I wanna switch off from reality 😌 #belulanghotspring
The Jakarta Post (Mar. 17) also goes to Munduk, Bali. Seven things to do. One feature:

'Soak in Banjar hot springs
After hiking or taking a motorbike ride, it’ll feel great to soak your muscles in a natural hot spring. Banjar Hot Springs, locally known as Air Panas Banjar, is closer to Bali’s north coast, but still an easy day trip from Munduk. The water in the springs has a high sulfur content, which is said to be therapeutic.
You can take a dip in any or all of the three separate pools, which have different depths and temperatures. A tap sits high above one of the pools with its water pouring down to give visitors a natural massage. You can also get a Balinese massage on-site before or after your soak. Not too many tourists make it to these hot springs, but it’s a very popular spot with locals, so try to get there early and beat the crowds'.
More islands, the Philippines.
Journeyera visits Mainit hot springs on Cebu (Jan. 11):
'We arrived at the Mainit Hot Springs and there were about 20 locals hanging out in the different pools. The pools are different temperatures and signposted with the temperature. I asked one of the locals how it is so specific and he said it is always the same with a tiny fluctuation. One hot spring was 42 degrees, which was incredibly hot. So hot in fact that we had trouble getting in unless we lowered our bodies very slowly into the water'.

Less populated (?), following Baslay hot spring, on Negros:

🍃On my way to India today 🍃
#backpacker#beherenow (Jan. 12) has 10 things to do on Camiguin:
'Soak in the serene Ardent hot spring
Camiguin, also known as the “Island Born of Fire,” has seven volcanoes and several volcanic domes within the pearl-shaped island—which was also formed through volcanic eruptions. With this topography, it is no wonder that it has a number of hot-spring resorts, including Ardent Hot Spring. Water temperature reaches up to 40 degrees Celsius, which makes it an ideal spot for relaxation after a long tour of the island. Mist rises from the heated water that run down the vents from the active Mt. Hibok-Hibok'.
Taraletsanywhere (Mar. 18) has 9 of Laguna's best hot springs.

A last photo, from northern Vietnam, Ngoc Chien:

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