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When compiling a Top 10 of Southeast Asian hot springs, it's always exciting to see which hot spring comes out on top.

Well, it's not. 

Every year there's a slight change in how the list is compiled but the result remains the same.

Above was the starting text accompanying last years Southeast Asian Top 10, literally. I am allowed to copy and paste it, because this year, again not much change ...
Need I say Poring hot spring tops the 10? While searching for  the lead photo above, it's surprising how many hashtagged photo's simply reference the surroundings rather than the soak itself; possibly the winning formula? 
Poring hot springs is a nature park with pristine jungle, waterfalls, short walks, a canopy walk and even an opportunity to view a Rafflesia plant. 
Oh, and it's the source of a natural hot spring, though witness, the surroundings are nothing natural ...

As usual, a Tripadvisor reference to a recent guest:
'I have been to a number of hot springs and these are the saddest looking springs I have seen. The place was very sad looking and unkempt the baths and changing rooms dirty nobody around doing any cleaning at all. Cold taps were not running and eventually found a grumpy man who really didnt care. Come on Malaysia you can do so much better with your tourist areas! The springs area was so neglected it doest take much to make it a relaxing place to be'.
Not so tops.


Si krucils pada kepanasan😂👫dah lama ja gak mau udahan😧 neneknya nyengir aje😹
📷foto by @hartareni #sariaterhotspring#berendam#pulosari#familyholiday
Last years star soaks have failed to challenge the top. 

In all honesty, the hot spring of Pai (Thailand) has fallen away, largely due to the fact that it's now sensed as having two separate hot springs: a sedate national park affair (flag bearer Tha Pai) and a rambling free for all packed with backpackers soak (Sai Ngam); together they would have pushed Pai close to the top 5.

I also looked at an international comparison using the same method. Internationally re-known hot spring resorts such as Peninsula (Australia), Tabacon (Costa Rica), Blue Lagoon (Iceland) or Takaragawa (Japan) would beat Southeast Asia's top ranking soak (Poring) big time.

The list for 2016:
1. Poring, Sabah, Malaysia (2015: 1)
2. Maquinit, Palawan, Philippines (2)
3. Banjar, Bali, Indonesia (3)
4. Ardent, Camiguin, Philippines (4)
5. Mainit, Luzon , Philippines (10)
6. Sari Ater, Java, Indonesia (9)
7. Banjaran, Perak, Malaysia (6; photo below)
8. Puning, Luzon, Philippines (7)
9. Sungai Klah, Perak, Malaysia (-)
10. Thap Ba, Nha Trang, Vietnam (8)
Major withdrawals. 💚
Just bubbling under the top 10 are the hot springs of Fang, Tha Pai (both Thailand), Sembawang (Singapore), Tambun and Annah Rais (both Malaysia). 

Anyway, what the above have in common, are structures with little resemblance to nature and often visited to the extent that one would say they are overcrowded, maybe it's more a list of hot springs in Southeast Asia to avoid ...?

The True Philippino Breakfast 3
Breakfast in volcanic sulfur river :) Сидеть в горячей вулканической серной речке под дождем с чаем в руке, поглащать вкусный завтрак и таращиться на джунгли... Что может быть лучше? :) #breakfast #philippines #mango #food #tea #hotwater #hotsprings #dauinhotspring #river #jungle #forest #granola #negrosoriental #negros #tropics #whitesulphursprings #whitesulfur #sulfur
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