Saturday, 2 February 2008

From the press II

Thursday (Jan 31, 2008) Bangkok Post published an extensive article on the eastern part of Chiang Rai province. They also highlighted a hot spring waterfall in neighbouring Phayao province.
'However, instead of heading further north, some visitors may choose to go southwards to Phu Sang National Park in Phayao Province to a waterfall that is noted for its warm water. Situated about 45 kilometres south of Phu Chi Fah on Highway 1093, along the route they stop briefly at a highland agriculture development station famous for its pink and yellow lillies, elegant tulips and barley plots on Doi Pha Mon mountain range in Thoeng district (Chiang Rai) before proceeding to the waterfall that figured in the Tourism Authority of Thailand's "Unseen Thailand" promotion drive a few years back.

The small but elegant waterfall is just a few steps off the highway. It is a popular meeting point for local people who can be seen relaxing or picnicking around the fall. They bring their own pillows, mattresses and order food from stalls next to the park's information office.

According to park officer Nanthana Suwantha, water temperature at the point the fall originates stays a steady 35 degrees Celsius, except when it rains. The warm water cascades over limestone cliffs to form clear pools next to the highway.

A testing trail, which includes a flight of 80 steps, leads to the waterhead that's off-limit to swimmers. We followed the trail. However, there wasn't much to see once we reached the other end. So we hung around for a while to give our legs some rest before heading back'.

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