Thursday, 25 February 2010

Another update, February 2010

Still can't shake off the need to post updates though I hope they will get shorter in length as we proceed through this year. On the Hot soaks of the Himal site additions have included many hot springs of Tibet or better said Tibet Autonomous Region. I am currently in the processing of tying up some loose ends and looking to head where from here.

On this site our first Vietnamese addition, Binh Chau should hit the site soon.

Malaysia gives a new meaning to soaking? The Banjaran by Sunway describes itself as a 'Hot springs retreat'.
Much effort has been put into this newly opened resort, though it seems that it's intent is to cream off the very rich. No kids are allowed. And though this
Tripadvisor thread has some positive feedback, the feeling lingers that they just might be asking too much from the market.
Agoda were discounting this by half to just US$ 529! A bargain!
Frog and Princess have some pics.

  • Development of hot springs in Southeast Asia has often come about by Japanese during WW II. However Hulu Langat in Malaysia is now referred to as the Korean hot spring, so writes Hoteden:
    'For some unknown and strange reasons, almost like storylines of those 'weird' yet wonderful Korean horror films, the hot spring of Sungai Serai in Hulu Langat, Selangor seems to be a 'popular joint' for Koreans living in and around Kuala Lumpur'.
  • Many things seem to shock Singaporeans. What about this:
    'This woman was seen filling many pails to the brim with water from the Sembawang hot spring, and using the 'free' water to wash her clothes. She did it even though there was a sign that stated “不要在这里洗衣服” (Do not wash your clothes here)'.
    The horror. I dare not say it, but there are also photo's. Safe for work? In Singapore? Umm ....

'A sign at Pha Bong Hot Spring, 12km from Mae Hong Son'.
Real Thai. What does uncle mean?

Slightly cheaper than the above mentioned Banjaran are Siem Reap's, Cambodia Dr Fish treatment. For just $3. Including a beer!

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