Saturday, 16 April 2011

Update Mid April 2011

In reality there's little to mention over the past 3 months, despite it being the best time of the year for soaking in Southeast Asia. Now the heat is on us and we can sit at home and soak in our own sweat.

This blog has been busy, adding entries on Lao and Vietnam as well as an extensive standard setting entry on global mud baths and another entry on the most popular soaks this side of the globe. Next month will see a few more entries in Soaking in Siam.

Though not exclusively Southeast Asian I would like to draw your attention to the following. The first is an entry on japansugoi, it focuses on hot springs on tv:
'Fuji TV’s popular onsen ジテレビの温泉番組 show is called “Lets go to the Onsen or Onsen ni Ikou!”. That program was so successful they decided to make an upgraded version called ” Let’s go to the onsen more! or Motto Onsen ni Ikou!” もっと温泉に行こう'!'
There's a long way to go for Southeast Asian soaks ...

Other big news from Germany's Focus magazine on New Zealands Hot Water Beach. A good write up (if you can read German)

From the blogosphere, a description of Ban Nam Ou, Lao on travelfish:
'Everything is shabby and funky but also crazy and cool'.

'Native laotians bathing in the hot springs south of Luang Prabang
I saw this incredible view out of the bus window, near Nan Keng on the highway between Vientiane ad Luang Prabang. (Geotagged picture, thats how I know), people bathing in steamy water - but my camera was tucked away and I didn't have time to catch it. Then 10 seconds later he bus stopped to let out someone who had to pee :) I grabbed my camera and ran back 200 meters and catched this picture, it was one of the rare minutes it didn't rain on the whole (11 hour!) bus trip back to Vientiane'.
Photo of Ban Nam Ou by Sunday Laks

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