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Getting air

TAKE EVERY chance. DROP EVERY fear! #enjoy #myparadise #jump #hotspring #lombok #Mountain #Rinjani
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Here at the bureau of soaking affairs, we are seeing ever more interesting hot soaks from surprise, surpris, Indonesia. Not one or two, but many. So we thought that a one-off Indonesian special may be called for. If in need of a soak, just ask around for an air panas.

What's even more surprising is seeing how often the Rinjani mountain crater hot spring pops up. It's a long day long slog up here, so you won't see that many a tourist, but it seems that those that do make it up are relishing sharing their images of themsleves or others soaking in the rusty colored hot springs with us, the general public. 

And hey, it does bring up envy to us stuck with our 9-to-5 jobs. Sigh!


After a day without shower. You can't get better than this. Hot spring under the cold weather!!! #steam #gopro #rinjani #hotspring #bikini
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Heading East
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Sumatra sees less tourism than the western islands of Java, Bali, Lombok and upcoming Flores. However geothermality here is commonplace, sometimes too upfront as volcanic activity is all too apparent just under many of Indonesia's islands.
Hot springs are less of attraction for tourists and are often just bathing places for local insiders.

Near the Gunung Leuser National Park, north Sumatra. Source 

Skipping the densly populated Java one arrives on the quintessential tourist destination of Bali, home to a couple of hot springs, some hardly known others a must stop on the round the island tour.
Batur Natural Hot Spring, Kintamani, Bali 
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Hot springs part2. Совсем волосы выгорели)) #bali #airpanas #balidreamsru #hotsprings #onelove 
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'at Belulang hot spring on Bali
' Sources d'eau chaude ~ Hot spring ~ Air panas [EXPLORE]
Découvertes par hasard, au cœur de fabuleuses rizières en terrasses, au bout d'une interminable piste à peine carrossable dans laquelle je me suis fourvoyé.
Surprise, il a fallu s’acquitter d'un droit d'entrée de 10 000 roupies pour moi et de 5 000 pour mon épouse! Et d'une redevance de parking de 2 000 rupiah.... J'ai tenté d'expliquer que mon visa de retraité me donnait les mêmes droits que les locaux, rien n'y a fait, j'ai du payer le tarif touriste étranger... (10000 roupies = 1 US$ = 0,80€) Je n'ai pas insisté, la retraite est une notion incompréhensible par les gens ici!
Les habitants des hameaux alentours viennent y faire leur toilette. Une dizaine de petits commerces sont installés autour des sources, ainsi que quelques temples...


And from Bali we head northeast to Sulawesi, another exciting destination yet to see an apparent upswing in tourism ...

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Then directly south is the island of Flores which has some nice hot springs.

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Varm källa bland risfälten emojiemoji #backpacking2014#indonesia#flores#moni#hotsprings#ricefields
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Soa Hot Springs. The perfect ending for a trek emojiemoji #hotsprings #soa #flores #indonesia #primoslejanos

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