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The Top 10 of Southeast Asia's most popular hot springs for 2014. 

In listing this top 10 I have used relative scores between soaks depending on number of references from google over the last year, instagram, youtube, twitter, pininterest, tripadvisor, flickr and tumblr. 

Counting down, hot springs just outside the top 10 are the Filipino soak of Mambukal, Singapore's Sembawang, Bali's Toya Bungkah, Java's Cipanas, Lombok's Rinjani and Sarawak's Annah Rais.

10 (newcomer) Fang, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 
One of the few popular hot springs still in a natural setting, visitors destined for Fang are more interested in what to see rather than taking the waters themselves.
'a geyser shot up on cue every so often'
9 (newcomer) Tambun (Perak, Malaysia)
A typical destination for day visitors, Tambun offers many pools with cheap catering opportunities: a hit for the many visitors.
'Last but not least, the bloggers at the Crystal Pool. The Crystal Pool at Lost World Hot Springs & Spa is specially designed with crystal tiles thatglimmers reflecting the sunlight by day. And by night the Crystal Pool will be bathed in colorful lights which would make a dip in this pool interesting and relaxing'.

8 Banjaran (Perak)
Another Malaysian newcomer this year, the hot spring resort of Banjaran is Southeast Asia's premier exclusive hot spring destination: one visits here for the photo-op so as to show off to the less fortunate ...

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The mid terms
7 (2013: 4) Sariater, Indonesia
Sariater is a rambling and popular leisure park surrounding the hot springs, close to Bandung, Java.

6 (6) Banjar (Bali, Indonesia)
Probably one of the most authentic of the developed hot springs in Southeast Asia, Banjar's delicately decorated hot springs are a magnet for locals and tourists as well.

'In hot spring with greenish - yellow sulphurous water which is supposed to be therapeutic for skin conditions. The hot water is considered sacred by the locals. Water is about 35-40 °C but it feels good even in these hot days'. 

5 (5) Thap Ba (Nha Trang)
Vietnam's premier beach side resort caters to ever increasing numbers of tourists, who can't fail to enjoy the local mud baths slash hot springs.

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4 (2) Ardent (Philippines)
Combining enhanced spring pools in a lush jungle setting with cheap accommodation makes this an ever popular destination for locals and tourists visiting the island of Camiguin.

Number two's

Surprisingly ex-aequo are Maquinit (Palawan, Philippines) which has moved up a notch compared to last year and the too hot to handle hot springs of Pai (Mae Hong Son, Thailand), rising 6 places.
Maquinit is the ultimate place to end a day of beach and island activities with large soaking pools in saltwater hot springs.

Meanwhile Pai's hot springs are still gaining attention from many a weary traveller who are discovery this quiet and idyllic corner of northeastern Thailand.

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And yet again Southeast Asia's most popular soak is Poring (Sabah, Malaysia). Combining a visit with an intro to the surrounding jungle is still a must when visiting Sabah and photo snapping tourist from all over the world are happy to share.

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