Sunday, 18 January 2015

Jungle soak

Spafinder has announced what they expect to be this years hot trends in the wellness industry. Number one is 
forest bathing.
In this they mean taking up the senses as perceived from a forest. Japanese evidence suggest that such a (dry) bath results in a great way to deal with stress of modern day life (think screen bathing, i.e. staring at the computer all day) and depression. 

Over here on Soaking in Southeast Asia we have translated this trend into jungle soaks! What better to combine mother natures best elements with a real hot bath.
To start the year off:
My second favorite spot in Camiguin (white island's the first of course) Ardent Hot Spring emoji #vscocam #hotspring #camiguin #teamcamiguin #bestfriends #wanderlust #travel #YGNtravel
Philippines, source

Liven er hård#Thaisland#hotspring#kopkunkap#
Klongthom, Krabi, Thailand. Source

chilling out in a mildly hot spring
Pai hot springs, northern Thailand, Mae Hong Son province. From the blog Andywanderstheworld.

Panas panas panas emoji #wisata#airpanas#guci#tegal#INDONESIA
Guci hot spring, Central Java, source

 #hotspring #bidayuh #bethany #annahrais 
Annah Rais, Sarawak, Malaysia, source

Adakah ini dinamakan The Rock? #سبحان #اللّه #LaHotSpring #11November2014 #Nature #Nature #Semulajadi
Kuala Teranganu, Malaysia, source


  1. Yes. There is nothing better than soaking in a hot spring in nature. Thanks for the great information about soaks in Southeast Asia. If you do not mind, I would like to add a link to a wonderful hot spring in a forest in Japan. The area is famous for wonderful hiking.

  2. Thanks Greg for this comment. If you trace back the Spafinder article you'll see it refers to mostly Japanese experience and research.
    In Southeast Asia, the forest / jungle springs are there because commercial interests are yet to develop these, so jungle springs more by mistake than intent. Let's hope it stays like this ...


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