Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Mediocrity at it's best


When compiling a Top 10 of Southeast Asian hot springs, it's always exciting to see which hot spring comes out on top. 
Well, it's not. 
Every year there's a slight change in how the list is compiled but the result remains the same.

As always, Poring hot spring located in Malaysia's Sabah state leads the pack. Since compiling began in 2009, the (bi-) annual overview has consistently favoured Poring hot spring.
Even though the experience itself is less appealing. Evidenced by for instance these recent reviews on tripadvisor:
  • 'This is like a busy swimming pool area, not a relaxing romantic space',
  • 'Hot spring area itself is rather mediocre, and unappealing'.
  • 'The public bath in Poring hot springs gets overcrowded with locals therefore it is expected theres no privacy and the tubs could get dirty. Its a given - its up for the tourist to take the plunge'.
Just to show that this Top 10 has no value whatsoever!
If very much interested in change, one needs to look at what happens beyond the top.
Banjar hot spring on Bali hits the top three very much at the cost of Thailand's Pai hot spring. Otherwise it's the slow rise of Banjaran hot spring at no. 6 and the more spectacular rise of Puning which now sits at no. 7 even though this hot spring was yet to rank in 2014's top 20.

Another loser was Vietnam's Thap Ba hot spring which seems to have a lesser high profile in the many social media which now constitute a bigger ingredient of the list.

The Top 10 of Southeast Asia's highest profiled hot spring as of December 2015:

1. Poring, Sabah, Malaysia (2014:1)
2. Maquinit, Palawan, Philippines (2)
3. Banjar, Bali, Indonesia (6)
4. Ardent, Camiguin, Philippines (4)
5. Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand (2)
6. Banjaran, Perak, Malaysia (8)
7. Puning, Luzon, Philippines (-)
8. Thap Ba, Nha Trang, Vietnam (5)
9. Sari Ater, Java, Indonesia (7)
10. Mainit, Luzon , Philippines (12)

Just bubbling under the top 10 are the hot springs of Fang (Thailand, Toya Devasya, Moni (both Indonesia) an Tambun (Malaysia).

The more natural alternative in the top 10, from Pai, Thailand. Source
Oh have been just beautiful! This was my first time in a natural hot spring. Or how I call it, "natural spring roll" #pai #thailand #asiatrip #asia #gopro #gopro4 #goprophotography #hero #hero4 #hotspring #secrethotspring

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